Photo Blog 111

12 09 2010

As mentioned in the last photo blog I’ve been working on some more product photography. The new setup is a bit simpler than before using just one light and the box set up in a way that is a bit easier to manipulate. I also have the props / background that was needed by my Aunt for her shots which meant that the white backdrop wasn’t necessary. This made it heaps easier to set up each individual item and cut the time required down substantially.

The setup:

The Setup

The only real issue was making sure that I was using a custom white balance that matched the lighting as otherwise it would have been a pain in post-processing. In the end the only changes needed in post where a bit of cropping and use of the ‘heal’ brush in Photoshop to remove some artifacts near the edges.

A couple example images:

Example Shot 1 (f16 2.5s 105mm)

Example Shot 2 (f16 2.5s 105mm)




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