Photo Blog 107

23 05 2010

My Birthday was last weekend and for it I was given a brand new Speedlight for my camera. I’m still very much learning how to use it but took it along to my brother’s 21st last night ( we aren’t really born a week apart but this is when he chose to celebrate it). Played around a bit and got a few OK shots.

The two I decided to post are for rather different reasons; the first was a bit of a test to see what it could *really* do and come out quite artistic. I angled the flash straight up and then shot into a mirror on one side of the bar. The result is a cool reflection of the partygoers with myself in the middle behind the camera.

Reflections (f4.0 1/30s 24mm)

It really is quite amazing that it can produce that much light and get a correct exposure at 1/30s. The camera was otherwise saying it would need 4 seconds! This was setting the flash to Manual at 1/1 power so really is a demonstration of what it can do…

The second photo is more personal and is a scene replayed at every 21st the world over. Stories from Mum & Dad to embarrass the birthday boy :-)

Typical 21st (f4.0 1/30s 45mm)

I still need to learn a lot more, and to start with I think I need to fiddle with the white balance a little and work out how not to get over-saturated pictures ( the above has a slight de-saturation applied in post).




One response

24 05 2010

Canon’s auto white balance is a truly dismal thing.

Love the pano shot. Very cool :)

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