Photo Blog 101

1 04 2010

With Alyona’s mum being here we get to do things and go places that you wouldn’t normally. Things that are ‘touristy’ but still fun!

Last weekend we did one such thing and went to the zoo, I decided this time not to take heaps and heaps of shots but try to pick just one of each scene I might find interesting. It seemed to work a lot better and I came away with more shots worth keeping and less organization needed after the fact.

The two shots I’m posting here are both of monkeys. The first of a cute spider monkey perched on a branch. It required a bit of cropping to get the necessary zoom and while it would be nicer if the monkey was a little more separated from the bg I like the composition. I also like the way the branches split the image up in a cool way.

Monkey! (f4.0 1/100 105mm)

The second image was a chance one I got while Alyona was playing with the howler monkeys. For some reason we had come just when they were getting their call on and were quite frisky.

Saying Hello (f4.0 1/25 47mm)




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