Photo Blog 100

22 03 2010

Well, lucky round number 100 :-)

Last Wednesday was St Patricks day and as is traditional we went out for a drink and later a few games of pool. Had intended to take my camera but had my phone on me instead and tried to get a few shots anyway. A couple I liked so figured I’d put them up here…

James (f2.8 1/10s 3.85mm - taken with my phone)

I experimented with reducing the noise but found I preferred it to the smooth look that getting rid of it created. I like the dark atmosphere and it kind of captures the pub nicely. I also like the angles the perspective makes with the tables.

Shame I didn’t have my big camera to take a more detailed shot but, as I said, I’m happy with them!

Alyona (f2.8 1/10s 3.85mm - taken with my phone)


Photo Blog 99

1 03 2010

As most in Auckland will know it was the Lantern Festival on the weekend just gone. I say most because it seemed most of the city was there!
We went on both Saturday and Sunday nights and I took way too many photos. The cool thing was I was able to take my wider 24-105mm on the first night and the fast 50mm/1.8 on Sunday. The fireworks also seemed much better than in previous years.

The first shot for today is of Alyona and her Mother who arrived late last week. It needed a gradient filter and a lot of noise reduction in Photoshop to bring the bottom half of the scene back from the brink.

Lantern Festival (f4.0 0.5s 24mm)

The smoothness comes from the noise reduction but I still like the outcome…

The second shot isn’t the best fireworks one I’ve ever seen (or probably taken) But I really like the shape of the smoke behind the explosions and the composition isn’t bad. Not that I can claim much for that given it was more shoot and hope than anything else!

Fireworks (f2.8 1/20s 50mm)