Photo Blog 96

15 02 2010

A couple of weeks ago we went on a private caving trip a little outside Waitamo with Barbara and Rafael. It had a nice combination of abseiling, caving and hiking. And while we didn’t choose to do any the program can also include rock climbing. The guy who runs it is very knowledgeable and experienced as he has worked in the industry for something like 20 years and only just started his own business. You can check them out over at:

He also knows a lot about cameras and cave photography so it was possible to take along the SLR and get some good shots. He even has his own flash gun for those of us who haven’t gone that far yet.

I got lots of great shots but the two I’ve chosen here are because of their more ‘artistic’ qualities.

The first is of the first abseiling you do on a 27m drop. Very cool and with a bit of crop it looks like it could be a lot bigger!

Abseiling (f4.0 1/25 24mm)

The second is of another abseil point, but this time inside a pitch black cave. With some flash and a bit of movement I like the effect of making it look like a bit of action is going on…

Caving (f4.0 1/4 24mm)




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