Photo Blog 95

12 02 2010

Alyona got myself and my friend Victor a ‘Fine Dining @ home’ course where we prepare a gourmet 3 course meal after receiving instruction on how to do it.
We had good fun despite it being a little daunting at first and ended up creating some very nice dishes!

There wasn’t that much downtime for taking any photos and I only had my iPhone on me but there were still a few shots that I lined up and thought about. None contain Victor unfortunately cause he is either pulling faces or moving about in the shots of him … I think he was getting annoyed at my attempts too ;-)

Our main was a Chicken Saltimbocca which is chicken wrapped in proscuitto and sage with a little anchovy dressing…

Chicken Saltimbocca (f2.8 1/10 3.85mm - iPhone)

And the dessert was a Chocolate and Raspberry Fondant which was all nice and gooey in the middle!

Chocolate and Raspberry Fondant (f2.8 1/10 3.85mm - iPhone)

Camera is very grainy but I like the shots anyway…




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15 02 2010

Yum! :-)

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