Photo Blog 94

10 02 2010

On Auckland Anniversary weekend Alyona and I walked around the viaduct with friends visiting from Germany. Part of the festivities involved one of the Navy’s frigates being opened up to the public so we looked around a bit and I took a few photos.

One of the shots looked good and made the ship look quite imposing (it is really quite small when one has seen an American aircraft carrier…) It had a few people in the way and lacked punch so I decided to play around a little in photo shop. Quite liked the before and after so thought I’d post both photos here :-)

Te Mana - Before (f8.0 1/500 28mm)

This has had just a bit of exposure compensation and re-alignment.

Te Mana - After (f8.0 1/500 28mm)

Hopefully it isn’t too much but this one has: a better crop, curve adjusted sky, removed a couple of tourists and dodged the sign a little. The boat itself hasn’t been touched at all but only looks lighter because of the contrast with the sky.




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