Photo Blog 90

26 01 2010

From sunset to sunrise. This shot is a composite of 3 handheld images I took on New Years morning at around 5:45 (which is when the sun deigned to get up). Alyona and I were staying at Mahia Beach and climbed the hill beside the place we were staying to welcome in the sun. It was a very cool new years!

New Years Sunrise HDR (f8.0 1/30 1/250 1/1000 24mm)

Interestingly the hill just out of frame to the left was on fire…

Edit: And here is a bit of crop and rotate. It is a shame it loses some of the foreground grass but it makes it look a bit more like the traditional, on the third composition.

New Years Sunrise HDR Crop (f8.0 1/30 1/250 1/1000 24mm)




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