Photo Blog 92

29 01 2010

So one of the things I want to do more of this year is follow and contribute to the online photo community. While I don’t hold delusions about the quality of my images the point would more be to expand my horizons.

Digital Photography School is one such community that has a weekly ‘theme’ that they invite readers to submit photos about. Last weeks was ‘Good Morning‘ so here is my take:

Good Morning (f2.8 1/4000 50mm)

I would have opened it up to f1.8 but there was just too much light and it couldn’t handle it! As it was it was overexposed and had to be brought back. A bit ‘o’ post processing and this is the result…


Photo Blog 91

28 01 2010

While in Taupo we spent some time waiting to Bungy and in that time I managed to capture this Tui on a Kowhai tree overlooking the Waikato river.

Tui on a Kowhai (f8.0 1/30 105mm)

I tried to bring back the eye of the tui a little and dodged the Kowhai flowers to make them stand out a little more but thats it.

Photo Blog 90

26 01 2010

From sunset to sunrise. This shot is a composite of 3 handheld images I took on New Years morning at around 5:45 (which is when the sun deigned to get up). Alyona and I were staying at Mahia Beach and climbed the hill beside the place we were staying to welcome in the sun. It was a very cool new years!

New Years Sunrise HDR (f8.0 1/30 1/250 1/1000 24mm)

Interestingly the hill just out of frame to the left was on fire…

Edit: And here is a bit of crop and rotate. It is a shame it loses some of the foreground grass but it makes it look a bit more like the traditional, on the third composition.

New Years Sunrise HDR Crop (f8.0 1/30 1/250 1/1000 24mm)

Photo Blog 89

25 01 2010

A quick edit on one of the sunset photographs taken at Waiheke Island at Alyona’s birthday on the weekend. Some selective burning and dodging here and there to make the clouds stand out more and the foreground come back from obscurity…

Sunset at Waiheke (f7.1 1/100 24mm)

Photo Blog 88

24 01 2010

This is one I took last year and as it is in a similar style to that I posted 2 days ago I thought I’d put it up. It was taken at a party at Deux Ex Machina that Tim invited us to (good contact to have ;-)

Guitar - (f4.0 1/20 35mm)

Edit: Removed a bit of distracting stuff in the top right of the image

Photo Blog 87

22 01 2010

A lot of lack of updates which may change now that I’m devoting more time to trying to catch up with the post-processing and organization of my interests…

So one of the things I’ve been reading a lot about is the idea of visualizing a shot before taking it and thinking about things more than ‘wow that would look good… click’. So while I took a couple shots of this scene (on a timer) it was quite premeditated.

Amber Gold (f1.8 50mm 1/200)

The image has been post-processed (obviously) which has included the addition of noise and a vignette.