Photo Blog 86

14 12 2009

Another short update from the same boating trip a couple months ago. Nice colours and light and airy.

The first is actually of me taken by Alyona with the Mount in the background. Not sure why the ridiculous captains hat but it does sort of match the occassion :-)

Mount and Me (f8.0 1/640 24mm)

Later we went for a swim. Not entirely voluntary and definitely bloody cold but a good first start swim in Tauranga. Afterwards Alyona warmed up in the cutest little suit!

X-Ray (f11 1/250 24mm)


Photo Blog 85

4 12 2009

This update is actually a little long in the making as the photos were taken in September on a short sail in the Tauranga harbour. We intended to try going out but the tide and wind was against us and it took almost an hour just to get to the entrance. Fun sailing so close to the big container ships coming in though.

So couple images from there, both of Dad. The first isn’t bad and I like the perspective. I was also experimenting with making light images with a slightly overexposed look.

Dad and Sail (f8.0 1/250 24mm)

The second one I really like. One of the photographers I follow the blog of has this really cool style where even though he is mainly shooting for newspaper articles (for which he wins awards) he makes them look very light and airy and the people or subject interesting and dramatic. And somehow quintessentially Swedish. (Som En Fotograf)

Dad and Matakana (f18 1/200 24mm)

I don’t pretend that this captures his type of style but it is my best approximation and I’m proud of it!