Photo Blog 84

15 11 2009

As promised I’m going to start posting photo blogs again and the first couple will be from things I’ve done since arriving back.

The first couple of shots I have are from two different events: a photowalk with Daniel and the Telecom Ferry Building lights.

84 IMG_7442 - Skyline from Westhaven

Auckland Skyline from Westhaven (f4.0 1.3s 40mm)

We walked from work round to the base of the harbour bridge and took shots of the sunset. I think this was the nicest of the shots I took even if it is a bit stereotypical. I really like the way the lights reflect off the water and while it would have been nice to use a larger aperture and so get everything in focus I was already balancing on a fence post so 1.3s was about what I could safely do!

84 IMG_7468 - Telecom Lights

Telecom's candy lights (f1.8 1/60 50mm)

A few weeks after that Alyona and I went to see the lights at the Ferry Building. Basically Telecom commissioned some international artists to create a projection mapping scheme for the building with a few interactive exhibits and a 20min program. I was playing with the 50mm lens and focus was very difficult so not many of the photos came out well enough. This one was quite cool and was from when the whole building wa made to look like a candy-house.




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16 11 2009

Wow! I love that photo of the city.

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