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10 11 2009

I arrived in Sydney at the ridiculous hour of 5:00am which was much too early to bother my brother (Paul) with. So instead I waited around the airport till 7am so that I could put my bag into storage till my flight back to New Zealand the next day, and therefore was able to travel a lot lighter.

That done, and in a haze of tiredness and attempted caffeine solutions I headed into town. Looking up travel tips on the net I found that with only a short 1.5km walk you can use a nearby train station instead of the one at the airport and save the inordinate surcharge they demand so with the map in my head I headed that way.

Although the walk is probably quite simple in a normal waking state I have to admit I had a bit of trouble and it took a bit longer than expected. But I made it to the station and once there I planned out the way to Paul’s place through the Sydney rail network and realized that IKEA was on the way! With that in mind I chose the route that would take me past there with the intent of having yummy Swedish meatballs for breakfast.

NB: Those not from NZ may not know that we don’t have IKEA here and those from here may not realize how cool the idea of cheap furniture and access to Swedish food is!

So anyway, I had fun on the train system getting there and while I might have gone past my stop a couple of times it all worked out in the end. I also played around with taking photos of the trains and tracks:

1 IMG_7381

Sydney Rails (f8.0 1/250 105mm)

Eventually I did make it and while they didn’t have meatballs they did have a nice cheap breakfast and a bottomless coffee cup. I purchased a lot of crispbread, roe, biscuits and a herb cutter (just for the hell of it) and after relaxing I hit the road again and caught up with Paul and Hannah at a station on the way to theirs for a catch up.

2 IMG_7387

Flags of IKEA (f8.0 1/640 105mm)

Later we had lunch and drove out to Bondi Beach, which I hadn’t been to before. Seemed like a very nice beach and there were a lot of people around despite the cold. We walked up and down but I had left my camera at their place so my shots of the place are from my phone. And then I played with the levels quite a bit :-)

3 IMG_0184

Bondi Beach (f2.8 1/920 3.85mm - taken with my phone)

The last time Mum visited Sydney she was taken to a Swedish Pizzeria and as it was close to Bondi (and I wanted Swedish Pizza!) that is where we ended up. It was quite unlike any other place I’ve been in that while it had the traditional flavours (ox-file and bernaise sauce) and the cabbage salad but it also had long tables and furs on the walls reminiscent of a viking hall. Oh, and the delivery guy’s helmet has horns on it :-)

4 IMG_0202

Sven's Pizzeria - Paul and Hannah (f2.8 1/10 3.85mm - taken with my phone)

5 IMG_0206

Sven's Pizzeria - the Pizza (f2.8 1/10 3.85mm - taken with my phone)

We had a good time and a good catch up and the next day I returned to Auckland, the final leg of the trip for me. It was weird going back to work, business as usual, and sitting on the couch watching movies with James and Victor but it was also good to relax back into my own space.

And so of course this marks the end of these travel blogs as well. I kind of made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t continue with the photo blogs until these were done so I guess that will be my focus again now. Thanks for reading!
Addendum: Congratulations to Paul and Hannah who got engaged on the weekend just passed!

6 IMG_0189

Paul and Hannah (f2.8 1/717 3.85mm - taken with my phone)




One response

16 11 2009

Just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed your travel blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I reckon it would have been a lot of work!

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