Photo Blog 82

5 08 2009

Just a quick update with some shots I took a week or so ago with the intent of putting them up here (but then never got around to it). Went out to brunch with Victor and Alyona and managed to get a portrait of each of them. I was playing with the 50mm again which really is a fun lens, even if it isn’t as flexible as my zoom lens. In both cases I had to get up and step away from the table to be able to frame everything.

First Victor (cause that is the one I took first). Did a bit of contrast adjustment in Photoshop but not much else.

Victor (f1.8 1/2000 50mm)

Victor (f1.8 1/2000 50mm)

The second shot is a candid one of Alyona I managed to catch when she wasn’t looking. I do have some nice ones of her looking straight at the camera but they didn’t seem as good as this one. I tried playing with it in Photoshop but found it looked much nicer without any changes. I especially like the soft light and the contrast with the background.

Alyona (f1.8 1/1250 50mm)

Alyona (f1.8 1/1250 50mm)




5 responses

5 08 2009

You know I was mucking around with my flatmate Cara, and uploaded your photo of me into one of those “Which celebrity do you look like” face-analysis websites… My match? Cher! LAME.

Nice shots though! :)

5 08 2009

That isn’t as bad as Joey Fatone which is what it always picked for me :-/

5 08 2009

Nice shots. I see Victor has been recruited as a serato model? ;-)

5 08 2009

haha – he keeps complaining about the fact it is white on white and noone can see it properly :-)

18 08 2009

I looked up who Joey Fatone was and it’s true….you do look like him. The website seems to use bone structure match pretty well. I’m too reluctant to do it for me in case I come out as Mother Theresa when I’d always thought Elle MacPherson was my counterpart!

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