Photo Blog 79 – Samoa 4

19 07 2009

Third to last Samoa update I promise :-). One of the features of staying at some of the fales is that they have a weekly fiafia where one of the local dance groups perform for the tourists. Sometimes they involve fire (which I’ll be showing in the last update) but also music and synchronized group dancing. This is what we saw and so I have a couple of images of that for tonight.

It was quite low light but with nasty flourescents overhead to blow any wide image that had both them and shadows in the frame. And all the images had to be underexposed to allow for a fast enough shutter speed to capture without too much movement. I still got a few good group shots but the ones I’ve chosen feature individual dancers. The first is of one of the women’s dances where I captured the closest dancer in focus with those behind being nicely blurred. The only strange thing is the colour cast, it seems either Aperture’s RAW conversion or one part of my process to counteract the under-exposure of the images is making the colours look a little washed-out with almost too much contrast.

Faifai (f4.0 1/15 70mm ISO800)

Faifai (f4.0 1/15 70mm ISO800)

The second shot is one of Joe who was the drummer for the performance (when required, most of the time they had a backing track). I thought I’d put this one in for the girls :-)

For the girls (f4.0 1/10 105mm ISO800)

For the girls (f4.0 1/10 105mm ISO800)

An external flash would have bee nice but it would likely have been distracting and it wasn’t a very big group so it would have been wrong to be too intrusive…




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