Photo Blog 78

16 07 2009

Woohoo! New apartment! So I still have at least 3 more updates from Samoa to go but I thought I’d interrupt with an interlude of a couple of photos from our new apartment. We just moved yesterday and while it is in the same building it is much higher up and on the corner so has sweeping views from the North Shore to Parnell.

There was a bit of fog and rain so it is difficult to see the lights across to Devonport and the North Shore but you can still see the difference to looking at the building 5m opposite.

So, the view North:

View North (f20 30s 24mm)

View North (f20 30s 24mm)

And the view East:

View East (f20 13s 35mm)

View East (f20 13s 35mm)

Now we just have to wait for the internet connection and it will be home sweet home…

Update: Here is what the view north looks like on a clear night:

View North (clear) (f16 30s 24mm)

View North (clear) (f16 30s 24mm)




3 responses

17 07 2009

Where’s the “Love” button?

17 07 2009

awesome change! Much better than the prior hemmed in one. Look forward to seeing the new digs this weekend.

12 08 2009

Cool photo. Nice view from you new place.

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