Photo Blog 76 – Samoa 2

7 07 2009

Another couple of shots from Samoa. The first has to do with food and the second with entertainment. It turns out that piggies are one of the most prized possessions that one can have and we were told that if you hit one while driving you should go straight to the police as otherwise the villagers are likely to come after you. Probably with sticks or something. There were pigs and pigglets almost everywhere, most of them were pretty cute too. Seeing as Victor is so enarmoured with the things I thought it would be unfair not to take a few shots so here is one such example.

Chancho (f4.0 1/200 105mm)

Chancho (f4.0 1/200 105mm)

Entertainment was also a little sparse and we were required to make our own. Which meant a lot of books and cards after dinner at least till we got into the habit of going to bed at 9pm. The whole time the parents only won once of course and even then they had to wait till both Tim and I were sick :-)

Cards (f4.0 1/8 24mm)

Cards (f4.0 1/8 24mm)

Tim seems pretty happy with his cards…




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7 07 2009

Oh Snap! New desktop background!! Cheers Bro!

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