Photo Blog 75 – Samoa 1

6 07 2009

Hello again,
For those that don’t realize, the reason for my lack of posting lately has not because I’ve been slack but because I’ve spent the last 10 days in Western Samoa without access to the internet (or at times luxuries like power and/or bowel control). I had thought to make the next few entries small travelogues as well but I am le’tired and in all honesty there isn’t much to tell apart from: lay on beach, read, snorkelled, read, ate, read, slept, repeat. With a few niceties like walks and nasty stomach bugs thrown into the mix. And getting bitten by turtles. But that will all come in good time.

In order to fulfill the photo blog thingy and keep it going I have two shots. The first is from shortly after arrival and was taken on the beach with a tripod. It was very late and raining off and on when we got there so Tim is running like a monkey for shelter. You can see his ghost run up the stairs on the left.

The huts are called fales and these ones are quite luxurious compared to most and even had a porch and solid walls on some sides! Each one comes with a few resident geckos and a view of the ocean. And perhaps a few coconuts.

Tim's Ass (f4.0 10s 24mm)

Tim's Ass (f4.0 10s 24mm)

As I said there was very little to do except lie on the beach (hard life I know). The second shot is one of the other 3 in the party multi-tasking by doing that AND reading at the same time! While processing the shot and doing the standard Duplicate/Equalize/Soft Blend the equalized result looked a lot like an old postcard from the 70s so I kept it looking like that. A bit surreal but kind of cool!

70's Postcard (f8.0 1/400 24mm)

70's Postcard (f8.0 1/400 24mm)




One response

7 07 2009

Argh so jealous! Especially the 70s pic..
However, wouldn’t it look nicer without the half of a shoe in the foreground?
Also, what is Tim wearing?? Green skin tight longish version of speedos?
Happy to have you back in the country :-)

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