Photo Blog 74

23 06 2009

Today marks a new acquisition for my photographic arsenal. I finally bought a good tripod so can take better low-light and panoramic shots. Not cheap by any means but it is designed to be a light-weight travel tripod but still sturdy enough to easily take my camera and lenses without shifting or changing under the weight.

So today I have a couple of images, the first being an HDR and the second being one from an HDR series that looked better in the end by itself.

Library HDR (f11 1/6 3/5 2.5s 24mm)

Library HDR (f11 1/6 3/5 2.5s 24mm)

The second is a shot of the skytower taken from Albert Park. I would have preferred to frame it differently as both the sky tower and the horizon are too central. But I couldn’t crop it without it looking crappy (mostly because the flower bed in the foreground couldn’t be cut without looking stupid).

Skytower (f8.0 30s 24mm)

Skytower (f8.0 30s 24mm)




2 responses

24 06 2009

Really like the library photo! What steps did you use for your exposure bracketing?

What kind of tripod did you get?

24 06 2009

I just the 3 stop AEB setting in the menu opened it +/- 2EV. I’m working on a project to give me arbitrary bracketing but that will take a while and require some electronics playing.

The Tripod is the Induro AB0 (incorrectly listed as the A0 here: ) which seems to be on par with the $400NZ Manfrotto tripods. It only weighs 1.2kg and can hold 4.5kg on top. My camera only being 1.3kg ;-)

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