Photo Blog 70

16 06 2009

Continuing with regular updates I have a couple of shots taken on the way home from work. Goran (affectionately known as Gombie at work, where Gombie = Zombie Goran) gave me a lift home and so both shots were taken from the car. This is pretty obvious in the first image which is a portrait of him taken from the back seat of the car pointed at the rear view mirror. The brakelights of the car in front are a bit blown and I had to Dodge Goran’s face a bit but not bad for a quick and dirty edit:

Gombie (f4.0 1/15 50mm w/ Flash)

Gombie (f4.0 1/15 50mm w/ Flash)

The second shot is an experiment with longer exposures looking out the front window (by this time I was in the front seat). Used AEB to get different selections of exposure and this is the shot that came out looking the coolest (I think). It captures the movement pretty well while the background is still crisp enough.

College Hill (f4.0 1/13 24mm)

College Hill (f4.0 1/13 24mm)




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