Photo Blog 69

15 06 2009

So you might be wondering why I haven’t been updating in a while; well basically Apple update is a dangerous, dangerous process that somehow screwed up the node structure on disk which took my computer down for a while. Luckily we have a good admin at work who managed to rescue the structure and so I didn’t lose any of my precious data. Still sucked though.

And as with all habits, a break can be a bad thing for continuity so while I’ve had the computer back for almost a week I still haven’t updated which is all on me :-)

But today there are new photos of Rikard And Carro’s engagement party from Saturday night. We went up to Matakana to a lovely little set of baches and had a great time. The first shot is a group one that was just a nice candid shot that I really like. It is nice and clean (apart from the blown out sky on the right) that kind of captures the atmosphere. I tried to get burn in the guys on the right a bit as it was worse before but it is still not perfect.

The Group (f6.3 1/400 24mm)

The Group (f6.3 1/400 24mm)

The second image I have is of the happy couple. I did a 3 exposure HDR image on the balcony outside. Kind of cool to see how it came out given the lighting conditions weren’t perfect (sign behind to the right) and none of the 3 exposures would have been OK on their own.

The Couple (f8.0 1/320 1/80 1/20 24mm)

The Couple (f8.0 1/320 1/80 1/20 24mm)

(Or perhaps I should have called it ‘The Three’ ;-)




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