Photo Blog 68

4 06 2009

Two images for today’s update, both from yesterday. Still don’t feel entirely comfortable shooting randoms but both images involve just that…

The first is from a photo-walk with Victor during lunch where I went up to uni to meet up with him. Went around the uni grounds and took some shots in Albert Park and the Quad. The image I’ve chosen was shot from the hip which we were experimenting with (he was using his new Canonet). The shooting from the hip explains the angle but I ended up liking it and the way it makes it look like both candid and full of life.

Uni Quad (f4.0 1/400 24mm)

Uni Quad (f4.0 1/400 24mm)

Then went to the shitty indian place on campus which I had forgotten was that bad :-/

The second photo is from later at night when James, Daniel, Kyle and I went for a bit of Japanese down on High St. Hung out at Freyburg Place waiting for Kyle and took some random night time shots. There was this guy sitting under one of the street lights with the lighting making it look very dramatic. Well, the lighting and his expression…

Guy and a Streetlight (f4.0 1/25 90mm)

Guy and a Streetlight (f4.0 1/25 90mm)

Playing with the curves in every area except the guys face gives this:
Guy and a Streetlight 2 (f4.0 1/25 90mm)

Guy and a Streetlight 2 (f4.0 1/25 90mm)




One response

5 06 2009

That’s an eerily profound shot. Make a good book cover! Thanks for this blog – it’s always really interesting.

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