Photo Blog 63

28 05 2009

This is a good way of doing things: take photos one day and post them the next. So these photos are from a lunch time walk I went on with Daniel down through the Viaduct towards the tank farm and the fisheries area. Both are black and white and are a result of my playing with filters in the conversion process. By the way, If you are interested you can check out Daniel’s own photo blog over here

The first photo is one of the buildings along Fanshawe St (KPMG I think) that forms one side of the entrance to the viaduct beside Vodafone. I went with a ‘High Contrast Red Filter’ to make the graduations in the sky stand out and got the intended effect of a high contrast, almost surreal photo

Sky Contrast (f10 1/2000 24mm)

Sky Contrast (f10 1/2000 24mm)

The second image is also a reasonably high contrast black and white. Was trying to catch Daniel in the process of eyeing up a shot. Would have been nice to get his hands completely in the shot but the camera give the shot context so I didn’t want to crop it out. I used a blue filter on this one that kept the definition in the skin where a standard conversion washed everything out.

The Photographer and his Art (f4.0 1/800 105mm)

The Photographer and his Art (f4.0 1/800 105mm)




One response

29 05 2009

Fantastic. Love the contrast in the top shot. Very stark + ominous!!

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