Photo Blog 61

26 05 2009

Today’s photos come from TWO separate photo walks. Aren’t I lucky! :-)

The first was when Alyona and I went for a walk and she showed me around the Waikato University grounds and I have to say they have it a lot better than we do! It has a really nice atmosphere and enough space and greenery that it feels like a campus instead of the amalgam of 70s era office buildings that comprise the UoA city campus. And no, Tamaki doesn’t count.

Anyway, they have 3 lakes and I took a few shots of reflections in the water. There were some nice ones of the Performing Arts Center but the one I liked the most was facing the sun that had just set so there was a bit more light in the sky. The contrast of blues and greens is why I chose this one…

Waikato Uni Grounds (f4.0 0.8s 24mm)

Waikato Uni Grounds (f4.0 0.8s 24mm)

I also have to say, I’m still really really impressed by my lens. This was handheld for nearly 1 second which would be completely useless with my old lens but here is sharp enough for a useable photo. So while I might have spent a bit much on it; definitely well worth it!

Ok, so number 2 comes from a walk this evening with Victor which passed the Auckland Museum. Stopped for a bit on the steps and took some shots looking down towards port with the Cenotaph in the foreground for framing. Ended up trying some AEB shots so I could make an HDR one which is what we have here. These were taken with the camera on the step as there is no way that I can handhold for that long, good lens or not ;-)

HDR Cenotaph (f8.0  5s/20s/30s 24mm)

HDR Cenotaph (f8.0 5s/20s/30s 24mm)

There are some crappy things in there like the car headlights and some of the tonemapping is a bit off but I like it anyway…




3 responses

26 05 2009

How do you get the colours so vivid??
Those shots are both awesome.
I like the head/tail lights in the cenotaph image, and the street light.

The aircraft lights though are a bit odd with the start and end of the trail inside the frame.

15 07 2009

these photos are stunning! wow
what equipment are you using(?) :)

15 07 2009

Thanks :-)
I have/use a Canon 450D with a nice shiny 24-105mm zoom lens.

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