Photo Blog 59

22 05 2009

So, after playing with the image for hours trying to create an HDR shot I gave up. Seems that the automatic feature set of Photomatix isn’t suited to light trails and I was having to paint each one back in. Which is painful to say the least. So here is the only shot for today which may be a bit anti-climactic but is still on theme and not too shabby:

Fanshawe St (f22 3.5s 32mm)

Fanshawe St (f22 3.5s 32mm)




4 responses

23 05 2009

Where did you take it from? Do you guys have a balcony or did you take it from the top of the building?

24 05 2009

No, no. There is a balcony on the top of the building but this is just taken out of the 2nd story window… You can see a light reflection in the top right of the image cause I couldn’t turn the lights off in the office. (We have one switch for the entire office)

29 05 2009

This is one of my favourites. The sky + the movement of the cars below = very cool. I reckon you should get rid of that reflection. Should be pretty easy because of relatively uniform sky around it?

29 05 2009

Indeed. What I really want to do is take the shot again. I thought about it later and all I really need to do is hold a t-shirt or something over the lens so there are no reflections…

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