Photo Blog 58

20 05 2009

Continuing in the tradition of looking at movement I have 3 shots taken today. The first is one I stopped for on the way for work. Might have made me a few minutes late but I like the way it turned out. Because of the rain today the gutter was flowing heavily with lots of leaves so I figured that with a slower shutter speed the blur would look quite cool. So here it is:

Gutter (f22 0.4s 105mm)

Gutter (f22 0.4s 105mm)

The second two images were taken on the way home from work and are a bit more abstract. The first is a shot I might try again if it comes up as I wasn’t really ready for it so the background is a little blurry. On Albert St the buses take off very close to the curb so this is what you get:

Bus (f4.0 1/6 24mm)

Bus (f4.0 1/6 24mm)

Finally, and far more abstract, are some cars on the way up Symonds St. I figured it kind of looked more like a light painting than a real street scene so that is the title. I think it still qualifies for the assignment though.

Light Painting (f22 1.0s 105mm)

Light Painting (f22 1.0s 105mm)




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