Photo Blog 54

14 05 2009

While waiting for James and Michael to finish work so we can go eat I decided to try to find some ‘diagonals’ around the viaduct. As I figured it’s a lot easier to find those than something that is interesting from both a ‘high’ and ‘low’ viewpoint. I found 3 such images, the first of which is a ‘natural’ diagonal of some cones sitting on the side of the road. Unfortunately they aren’t entirely straight and there seems to be a natural curve in the difference from the top and bottom of the curves. I tried to get a better shot but it turned out to be quite difficult. Still, the shot is interesting enough for the assignment.

Cones (f4.0 1/20 105mm)

Cones (f4.0 1/20 105mm)

The second is of the Wilson’s carpark sign. I was going for the contrast in colours between the sign and the background which I got but the depth of field at f4.0 screwed up the far edges of the sign. But again, a good enough diagonal shot to count for the assignment.

Wilson's (f4.0 1/160 88mm)

Wilson's (f4.0 1/160 88mm)

Finally, a fake diagonal (by tilting). Hardly an original shot but the colours were interesting and the full black sky makes for good contrast. Not tack sharp but meh…

Skytower Unoriginal (f4.0 1/5 73mm)

Skytower Unoriginal (f4.0 1/5 73mm)




One response

14 05 2009

Yay, you fixed the smilies! :-)
I still like the diagonal shot of the sky tower that you find unoriginal…

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