Photo Blog 53

12 05 2009

Today’s shots come from James’ and Michael’s impromptu jam before Lunch. As is often the case we have to wait for everyone to gather for the Lunch train and that means a lot of screwing around playing music… or in my case taking pot-shots.

I tried at least to angle (sic) for the assignment so I have high viewpoint and low viewpoint shots. They aren’t technically the best for the assignment as they’re not of exactly the same pose. But the idea of these two standing still for more than 1/100 of a second is a bit naive.

First the low viewpoint where James is in the middle of a jump with Michael looking decidedly unimpressed. The image looks a little flat but I tried to fix it as much as is possible given the limitation of the lighting available. Was initially annoyed by the crop of James’ head but it doesn’t look too bad and I can always try to say it was deliberate.

Rocking Out (low) (f4.0 1/100 24mm)

Rocking Out (low) (f4.0 1/100 24mm)

To get that shutter speed I had to under-expose greatly which introduced noise. Managed to get rid of most in Photoshop but it makes it a bit blurry.

The second image is my ‘high viewpoint’ shot of the same subject. In this case James and Michael were posing and trying to look cool… good luck.

Rocking Out (high) (f4.0 1/100 24mm)

Rocking Out (high) (f4.0 1/100 24mm)




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