Photo Blog 52

11 05 2009

So I contacted the teacher for the course I’m on and managed to get this weeks assignment which is:

  • Viewpoint
  • Natural Diagonals
  • Diagonals through tilt

So I guess I’ll be posting a few along these themes in the next week or so!

Today’s effort comes from walking home via JB-Hifi with Daniel and James. The first image is of the same two waiting at the lights at Albert St. Kind of a hurried shot but I do like the ones that have people in them. And especially if they don’t realize I’m taking the photo ;-)

Auckland Weather (f4.0 1/13 24mm)

Auckland Weather (f4.0 1/13 24mm)

The second image I have is one for the assignment. I like the geometry of the parking building and the juxtaposition with the steep street (creating the diagonal).

Vic Parking (f4.0 1/30 24mm)

Vic Parking (f4.0 1/30 24mm)




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