Photo Blog 51

10 05 2009

The next set of photos I have is from Saturday (yesterday) but is being written right after the previous entry. So Alyona and I went to the Taitua Arboretum outside Hamilton which is this really nice area of developed and landscaped land full of exotic and native plants. Very, vey peaceful and nice… apart from the attack chickens which are scary. Seriously, we saw the first lot 20m away and I was getting low to take photos without spooking them when all of a sudden they saw us and started running at us at full speed. Rather unexpected and if I was a small child I would probably have pooed myself ;-)

So I have 3 images for this post, all of them taken on that walk. Really I have heaps, heaps more photos but I thought I should restrict myself. The first is a bit experimental and is of a bumblebee we saw in one of the bushes. I’ve desaturated the plants while retaining the full yellow of the bee which was necessary for the bee to stand out but loses the colourful greens and I’m not sure it works cause the bee is still damn hard to see:

Bee (f4.0 1/800 105mm)

Bee (f4.0 1/800 105mm)

The second image already had a natural contrast of colours so I didn’t really do much to it apart from crop it a little and increase the contrast. I could have picked of the needles but I thought it looked nicer as a natural/unstaged scene:

Mushroom (f4.0 1/3200 105mm)

Mushroom (f4.0 1/3200 105mm)

Finally, there was a lot more fowl life that weren’t as foul as the chickens (really, really sorry for writing that) and I quite liked one of the shots of a black swan taken through some undergrowth. The out of focus plants frame the bird nicely and I like the way it is almost monochrome (I haven’t touched the saturation at all):

Swan (f4.0 1/320 65mm)

Swan (f4.0 1/320 65mm)




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20 05 2009

love this toadstool shot.

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