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10 05 2009

After a great weekend I have a couple of entries to catch up on. But the one that falls on the fiftieth entry is kind of weak (a couple of shots from Huntly on the way down to Hamilton) and with our human way of looking at base 10 numbers I felt it didn’t deserve such an auspicious number so have used hex. Geeky I know!

It was a very rainy night and when I stopped driving for a break I found that the contrast of the fluorescent lights with the dark black sky was quite cool and made for a depressing / empty atmosphere. So I took a couple shots and that’s what we have here. The first is of a path leading off into the dark where I liked the off-kilter lamp posts and the lack of anything in the distance:

Dark Path (f4.0 1/2 24mm)

Dark Path (f4.0 1/2 24mm)

The second is of this dairy which looked like it was in the middle of nowhere (although behind me were a lot more shops). It seemed quite busy with cars coming and going but made the whole town look very empty and bleak. I know it’s not a fair representation of Huntly, but that was the effect…

Huntly Nightlife (f5.0 0.4s 24mm)

Huntly Nightlife (f5.0 0.4s 24mm)




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