Photo Blog 49

7 05 2009

Bit of a lucklustre effort in the photo taking department today with both of them coming from just playing around at work. The first is a fairly simple image of the CV02 rotating. I deliberately chose the shutter speed to get the title to blur a little but still be recognizable. By using a red filter when comverting to monochrome it made the ring around the label really stand out. It would have been better if all 4 corners had parts of the turntable in them instead of missing the bottom left…

Record (f4.0 1/8 70mm)

Record (f4.0 1/8 70mm)

The second was an attempt at HDR out the window towards Fanshawe St. In the end it was too hard to handhold so the HDR process didn’t work and I ended up just tone-mapping one of the images. It is still quite blurry but the effect is not too displeasing so I figured it was worth putting here. I definitely want to try again with a tripod but not today…

Blurry Fanshawe (f11 1.6 58mm)

Blurry Fanshawe (f11 1.6 58mm)




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