Photo Blog 48

6 05 2009

Ok, so while today’s update may contain two photos only one of them is really from today and the other is from a week ago but I’m including because it matches with the assignment criteria. But first the one from today:

This was taken very quickly at the traffic lights on Albert St on the way home and as all the shots were rather hurried (walking home with James and he with a timelimit) so it was kind of lucky that it turned out ‘ok’. With ‘ok’ meaning something which I can use in an artistic sense and that matches the assignment even though it isn’t a technically correct photo ;-). Basically it is a combination of moving point light sources (headlights) with a bit of the old shaky hand that has ended up creating something that I think is creatively abstract and has a feeling of motion / energy.

Abstract Street (f4.0 1/5 24mm)

Abstract Street (f4.0 1/5 24mm)

The second photo is much more boring but is an example of repetition and pattern. It is of the backside of the new NZI building in the viaduct and I figured the lighting wasn’t too bad. Plus as I said earlier it is really just for the assignment. Interesting to see the barrel distortion though…

Repetition (f4.0 1/13 55mm)

Repetition (f4.0 1/13 55mm)




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