Photo Blog 47

5 05 2009

Still on the theme of this weeks assignment I went looking for some photos of texture and the like on the way home. It had been raining a bit so I was also looking for puddles … but no luck. But there were a few shots that I think qualify nicely for the assignment so that is what I’ve posted.

The first is one where I like the patterns of shade and light and while there isn’t an obvious subject it I think there is at least a little bit of emotion. It could be a gritty, cut up, busy road anywhere in the world. And the lack of colour draws attention to the patterns. Out of the 3 today, this is the only one I really like outside the confines of the assignment :-)

Light and Shadow (f4.0 1/25 105mm)

Light and Shadow (f4.0 1/25 105mm)

The second two images are in colour but are still very monochrome as the only light sources are headlights reflected in the wet surfaces. The first of these is I chose because it was about pattern:

Pattern (f8.0 1/5 105mm)

Pattern (f8.0 1/5 105mm)

And the last image is going to be one of my examples of texture. In particular I like the specular reflection and how that blurs outside the focal plane.

Texture (f8.0 1/13 105mm)

Texture (f8.0 1/13 105mm)




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