Photo Blog 46

4 05 2009

After an awesome weekend I’m tired but very happy. Today’s photos really come from yesterday which I spent at Raglan with Alyona. It was a beautiful day and we waited for the sun to set which was perfect. We were also silly enough to go for a swim which I think will definitely be the last of the season.

The first is of the sunset at Raglan Beach just at the moment the sun set and one of the locals walked in front of us. I quite liked the action and interest that the figure added to the shot as while there were quite a few nice sunset pics without something in the foreground the photos seemed quite flat and uninteresting. Nice colours but nothing to capture the eye.

Sunset at Raglan (f4.0 1/400 105mm)

Sunset at Raglan (f4.0 1/400 105mm)

I had to burn out some lens flare that was over the top of the silhouette but that was the only modification.

The second photo I have is of a cute surfer chick who I managed to catch before she ran away ;-)

Surfer Chick (f4.0 1/250 24mm)

Surfer Chick (f4.0 1/250 24mm)




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