Photo Blog 45

2 05 2009

So we had the second lesson in the Composition course I’ve been taking and so have a new assignment. This week we have to look at several different concepts so I’ve decided to do so every day:

  1. Texture
  2. Shape
  3. Form & Tone
  4. Pattern
  5. Repitition
  6. Abstraction

Given it is autumn and raining there are lots of interesting leaves around I took some shots on the way back from the class while thinking about texture, pattern & tone. To emphasis this I also converted to B&W but using custom weightings on the colour channels to increase the contrast of the leaves. I’m also posting the originals (slightly desaturated) which are also quite nice and provide an interesting comparison. Truth be told I prefer the B&W of the first image and the colour of the second… and the second one much more than the first.

Leaves (f4.0 1/160 105mm)Leaves (f4.0 1/160 105mm)

Leaves (f4.0 1/160 105mm)

When converting to BW the weightings are normally ~(0.3,0.6,0.1) for the Red, Green and Blue colour channels respectively. To get more contrast in the leaves I used (0.2,0.25,0.55) instead which significantly boosted the contrast of the leaves while leaving the pavement alone.

Gutter (f4.0 1/50 105mm) Gutter (f4.0 1/50 105mm)

Gutter (f4.0 1/50 105mm)




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