Photo Blog 44

2 05 2009

Not much text to go with today’s update I’m afraid. The first image is one I took yesterday but didn’t fit with the assignment so I didn’t pay attention too but now really like. Taken from Princes Wharf with the intent of catching the boat as a silhouette:

Yacht (f4.0 1/30 50mm)

Yacht (f4.0 1/30 50mm)

It has been cropped to make it more interesting and the contrast boosted a little. Otherwise nothing…

EDIT:Another instance of firefox ignoring the colour space of the image. Looks very very different in a proper image viewer :-)

The second really is from today and is of the path up from Parnell to my place. I really liked the reflection of the street lamps and the way the path meandered up. The photo isn’t that great and there is a fair bit of camera shake but I thought I should have at least one of the images really be from today instead of just cheating and using the image above (which I much, much prefer)

Path (f4.0 1s 24mm)

Path (f4.0 1s 24mm)




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