Photo Blog 43

30 04 2009

So today’s photo’s come from 2 sources; the first being me screwing around at work and the second being one of my assignment shots (more about that later).

Ok, so the first image is a self portrait I’ve been thinking about taking for a while and though the result isn’t that great it is still worth sharing. Basically the camera is just behind my computer monitor and is connected to the computer so I take an image by clicking the mouse. Getting the focus right was a real pain and the reflection still isn’t that great. My only consolation is that I took it in the 10 minutes of lunch break I had remaining so it was done under time pressure :-)

Reflected Self (f4.0 1/13 105mm)

Reflected Self (f4.0 1/13 105mm)

I desaturated the desk and tried to lower the exposure of outside the window a little.

The second image comes from an assignment for the Continuing Education course I’m doing at UoA. For it we have to create a series of images that meet certain criteria. Namely in 4 categories:

  1. Subject in a central position vs subject off center
  2. Subject cut off by the edge of the frame
  3. Landscape vs Portrait format
  4. Subject taking 1/3 of the frame vs 2/3 of the frame

While I don’t have all the images I need yet, my progress so far is here. And the image I’ve chosen as part of my photo blog is one of the off center or 1/3 images which I quite like because of the converging lines.

Waterfront Tracks (f4.0 4/5 24mm)

Waterfront Tracks (f4.0 4/5 24mm)




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