Photo Blog 41

29 04 2009

So it appears that the QoS on our internet connection isn’t up to scratch so while I took and processed the photos last night there was no way of getting them up here without a working internet connection so I’m doing this as a ‘break’ at work…

The first image was taken while playing around in the lobby at work last night waiting for a ride home (it was pissing down). Playing with long-ish exposures I tried to take shots of the turntables and while it isn’t an amazing composition it was something. And worth putting up here anyway ;-)

Decks (f16 1/6 105mm)

Decks (f16 1/6 105mm)

While in the car I was also trying to take shots of the raindrops on the window and how they refracted the light from behind. There were some ok images from that but I found that by focusing on the raindrops you can get crisp images of large droplets with only a little interesting colour or by focusing on the scene outside you can get blurry images of the scene but that the drops don’t do much more than degrade quality and don’t add much. The balance I found was by focusing slightly behind the drops so neither was in focus as then some interesting abstract stuff appears. One image I liked was this one:

Abstract before (f4.0 1/10 55mm)

Abstract before (f4.0 1/10 55mm)

But because I had the time I decided to play with it a bit and use a technique described on the digital photography school website here to make it look like it was taken with a ‘Lomo’ camera. While the choice of image isn’t what that technique is intended for, it does make it nicely framed and a bit nicer (to me):

Abstract Lomo (f4.0 1/10 55mm)

Abstract Lomo (f4.0 1/10 55mm)




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