Photo Blog 41

29 04 2009

Tried for another carpark roof today in the viaduct but to be honest it wasn’t that great a spot. So instead I tried leaning over the edges and taking some shots of things on the ground. Some of the perspective ones looking down the street weren’t too bad but they were still a bit blah.

The only real object of interest was a dumpster on the edge of the new NZI building site. I really liked the contrasting colours of the blue bags and red skip and the general mess around about. The only thing that was disappointing was that at 0.5s there was no chance of keeping the camera perfectly still so there is a lot of motion-introduced blur. But I still like it…

Dumpster (f4.0 1/2 75mm)

Dumpster (f4.0 1/2 75mm)

The only thing I’ve done is add a slight vignette.

The second image was taken on the ground where there was some interesting lighting in a planter outside one of the apartment buildings. I’ve started trying to play with perspective so that was the aim and I quite like the angles of the bottom of the light and the way the foreground plant dominates the images. Not a great image I think and the bleeding around some of the plant leaves is distracting but the best I could manage today :-)

Planter (f4.0 1/10 24mm)

Planter (f4.0 1/10 24mm)

Slight rotation to correct the vertical and resulting crop were the only modifications…




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