Photo Blog 40

27 04 2009

Dinner today was a walk up to Gina’s for some excellent takeaways (even if the walk back might make it a bit colder, the anticipation makes up for it!). So I took the camera and was taking random photos along the way but by far the most interesting were the ones I sneaked while waiting at the restaurant.

The first is one of the cashier passing off a bill to one of the wait staff. I’m really lucky that the focus was so good but I think it was just chance that I was f4.0 instead of f1.8 which is what I was using the whole way, otherwise I doubt it would be as good. I like the action in the shot and the candidness of the interaction. The only thing it doesn’t capture is how loud he was talking :-)

Gina's Duty Manager (f4.0 1/30 50mm)

Gina's Duty Manager (f4.0 1/30 50mm)

I was also playing with the reflection of the outdoors backlit sign in the door. I thought the etched sign in the door would come out more but I wasn’t checking on the camera and instead it is too blurry to make out. But I like the subtlety. In all it is too busy and I’d prefer it to take it again with better framing (i.e. with the ‘PI’ in ‘PIZZA still there). But that teaches me for not paying attention…

Gina's Reflected (f1.8 1/100 50mm)

Gina's Reflected (f1.8 1/100 50mm)




2 responses

28 04 2009

Really like the second shot (like the first one too!) I like the way you have captured an Auckland icon in an unconventional fashion. Even in reverse that sign makes my mouth water!

28 04 2009


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