Photo Blog 39

22 04 2009

Daniel and I have been meaning to go for a lunch time photo walk around Victoria Park for a couple of weeks since he first suggested it. So today we managed to go today and apart from the nice trees and such the really interesting bit turned out to be the skate park. There were heaps of kids there (school holidays?) and some opportunities for some cool action shots. I’m still playing with dodge and burn and I think I’m a bit hack-and-slash with it so it leaves something to be desired still. But still makes it better :-)

For comparison:

BMX original (f4.0 1/500 105mm)

BMX original (f4.0 1/500 105mm)

BMX (f4.0 1/500 105mm)

BMX (f4.0 1/500 105mm)











The second image was not far away where these little kids were doing some pretty impressive things which I think if I tried would end up with a broken hip or something! The image I chose was as one of them turned in front of the others. With a bit more playing with dodge & burn to make the kids stand out it looks a bit better:

Skaters (f4.0 1/250 105mm)

Skaters (f4.0 1/250 105mm)




One response

28 04 2009

very cool action shot. Maybe if you take lots of me doing roundhouse kicks I might look like I know what I’m doing in one of them.

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