Photo Blog 38

21 04 2009

Managed to actually get away from work on time today before the sunset so went for a walk through the Viaduct with my camera. To be honest there weren’t too many shots that jumped out as things looked kind of blasé but there were some really nice fishing boats against one of the wharfs. Almost looked like an iconic scene from the Mediterranean. I took a few shots and the one I’ve chosen I played with just a little as I’m trying to use the ‘dodge’ and ‘burn’ tools. In this case I increased the boats just a little to make them pop a little more:

Fishing Boats (f5.6 1/8 70mm)

Fishing Boats (f5.6 1/8 70mm)

It is still a little under exposed but that reflects more accurately the fact that it was a little dark and if I increased it more it didn’t look like a twilight shot anymore…

The second image is a bit more experimental in that I was trying to capture the traffic at the corner of Albert and Quay Streets. The one I chose was because it wasn’t too busy (only one moving vehicle) but still had some cool light effects. I also like the traffic light on the left kind of framing things… even if technically it is ‘clutter’ and should have been cropped away. I did try the crop but I didn’t like it.

Traffic (f5.6 1/5 24mm)

Traffic (f5.6 1/5 24mm)




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