Photo Blog 35

16 04 2009

Three images today! Although really there is only two and a ‘before’ shot. Went up to the top of the carpark building on Hobson St again but a lot earlier this time. Almost got run over by some guy in a big SUV racing through the garage like a maniac. Guess that’s what happens just after 5 as everyone rushes home…

Anyway, the first image today is another attempt at following one of the DigitalPhotographySchool tutorials. In particular Scott Wylie made an interesting one about how to make high-contrast skies (here). So I took a few shots of the Skytower and sky behind as it was the only predominately blue area of interest. I did try a few other shots but when I tried applying the technique in the tutorial I found that there was too much grey and the result wasn’t that good.

So, to the image. It is just a standard vertical shot with the skytower on the first vertical third but as you can see from the before and after, increasing the contrast on the sky makes for a much more dramatic B&W image. You’ll also note one of the side effects is that the previously ‘red’ tower in the foreground is much brighter due to how the monochrome conversion was made…

No contrast (f8.0 1/100 24mm)

No contrast (f8.0 1/100 24mm)

Contrast (f8.0 1/100 24mm)

Contrast (f8.0 1/100 24mm)

(Click through to see them big)

The second image I have is another attempt at HDR using the tutorial I’ve been using the last couple of days. Taken from one of the corners of the carpark looking down Fanshawe St. Looks pretty good I think :-)

Fanshawe St HDR (f8.0 1/320 1/1250 1/4000 24mm)

Fanshawe St HDR (f8.0 1/320 1/1250 1/4000 24mm)




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