Photo Blog 32

13 04 2009

And the second entry for today! Today was my uncle Neil’s birthday and we managed to surprise him with friends and family from around the country. (NB: For the sake of clarity, he isn’t really my uncle but a very close family friend). My parents came up from The Mount and all of his family were gathered and we had a great time of it. The only thing missing was a little Scotch ;-)

So today I have two portraits of Neil and his son Alex up from Wellington. Neil’s comes from soon after he arrived and was surprised and was going around greeting everyone. Apart from the random shoulder in the bottom left corner it turned out a real nice shot.

Uncle Neil (f4.0 1/60 105mm)

Uncle Neil (f4.0 1/60 105mm)

As I said the other portrait is of Alex who is up from Wellington. To be honest getting to see him again was one of the highlights as this guy has been a brother to me for a lot of my life (and even lived with us for a year) but now there aren’t many opportunities to catch up. I guess that is what having a real life does to a man :-P With this image I had to warm it up a bit in photoshop as otherwise it was coming out very desaturated when viewed in Firefox. I wish that the background hadn’t been exactly the same colour as it makes it a little busy but I’m real pleased with the focus…

Alex (f5.6 1/400 24mm)

Alex (f5.6 1/400 24mm)




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20 04 2009

This is a superb shot of Neil! Do send it to him

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