Photo Blog 31

13 04 2009

So it might be a few days late but it has been a very busy weekend! Ann & Jeff’s wedding was amazing both in its organization and in the friendly atmosphere. So while it might be Monday, this is really Saturday’s update and I’ll do another one for today proper… I also still haven’t sorted through the whole evenings photos so there may be other gems in there but the two I’ve chosen I quite like :-)

The first image I chose was one of the ceremony itself and I just liked the expression on Ann’s face of barely controlled joy. The effect of having a cloudy sky with cross-lighting from the sun reasonably low in the sky made the exposure easy and f4.0 was fast enough to blur the background out and make the focus easily on the couple.

Ann & Jeff (f4.0 1/2000 82mm)

Ann & Jeff (f4.0 1/2000 82mm)

The second was taken afterwards while having a nice glass of wine and catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages! The one I’ve chosen was of Tony and Karyn with the sun behind and to their right. It was a dangerous angle but by messing with the RAW conversion process it worked out OK and so there is an interesting backdrop and lighting without loosing the detail in the people.

Tony & Karyn (f8.0 1/500 24mm)

Tony & Karyn (f8.0 1/500 24mm)




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