Photo Blog 30

10 04 2009

I went back to the same carpark on the way back from work today but a bit earlier (if only by half an hour). The effect is very different and the fact that it had been raining made all the reflective surfaces very interesting and the flourescent lights add something surreal to the scene.

The first image is looking out over the new State Insurance building towards the harbour bridge. With the extra light in the background the structure becomes apparent and the sheets of rain falling make it look very moody. I didn’t notice it at the time as I was trying to get rid of the building in the foreground but the blue and colourful reflections look really cool on inspection.

Bridge in the Rain (f4.0, 1/4 100mm)

Bridge in the Rain (f4.0, 1/4 100mm)

The second image I took because I noticed that the reflection of the billboard lights on the wet pavement made a really cool contrast to the coloured background and the hint of a dark empty carpark created quite a moody feel. I took others that had the lights on the top third but they ended up looking too dark and uninteresting. They would make a great backdrop for another subject (someone standing as a silhouette in the light perhaps?).

Parking (f4.0 1/8 24mm)

Parking (f4.0 1/8 24mm)




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