Photo Blog 29

9 04 2009

Ah easter, today we were treated to hot cross buns and an easter egg hunt. And I was treated to a seemingly intractable performance issue with VSL under Mac OS X.

Anyway, today’s photos were from on the way home as I stopped on the top of the parking building on the corner of Hobson and Wyndham. I definitely need to go back there when there is a bit more light and the sun is setting on the horizon. The image I chose was the best looking one available. There were more interesting views of the harbour bridge and the skytower but this one had real nice colour and I quite like the horizon of lights. It was quite noisy so I de-noised it a bit before sharpening although it is still a bit messy.

Skyline (f4.0 1/6 24mm)

Skyline (f4.0 1/6 24mm)

I had thought I had all the images I wanted but after a bit of a drink stop with Victor and a few of his friends the lighting in the bar was really cool so I took a few there. By shooting 2 stops down and increasing the exposure in RAW->JPG along with decreasing the saturation to get rid of the ugly highlights that that caused to the lights the image came out looking quite cool. I really do like the lighting on the left side of the face…

Chambers (f4.0 0.8s 24mm)

Chambers (f4.0 0.8s 24mm)




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