Photo Blog 28

9 04 2009

After the industry dinner thing at university I took the camera out in the hope of capturing some puddles (it had rained and I really, really like the photos by Amstersam). There were a few shots that were good but to be honest the pickings were slim and I’ll have to wait for more rain.

The first image is of the uni clocktower. Managed to get the focus right and the context of the pavement around the image and the fade due to the puddle becoming shallower frames it nicer.

Clocktower puddle (f4.0 1.0s 58mm)

Clocktower puddle (f4.0 1.0s 58mm)

The second is of Victor standing in front of what was Commerce C when I was there. While quite subtle I still like the effect. And the reflection of the bollard and the bottom of the real pillar makes a cool visual element.

Victor Puddle (f4.0 1/5 67mm)

Victor Puddle (f4.0 1/5 67mm)

I really want to continue experimenting with puddles and reflections but I think I’ll definitely bring a tripod next time…




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