Photo Blog 27

7 04 2009

This evening’s shots come from a walk up and around university. I tried to focus on composition and finding interesting things in the scene. As it happened the street provided the most interesting things and the new lighting along the road side on Symonds St is a really nice blue-white.

The first image is from outside the high court where there are renovations going on. I liked the way the scaffolding framed the scene and the pedestrian at the end makes a nice focal point. It would be nice without the light flare from the passing car but this was by far the sharpest of the (hand-held) images I took so no luck there. The shadows also frame the bottom of the frame nicely

Sidewalk (f4.0 1/4 105mm)

Sidewalk (f4.0 1/4 105mm)

Further up the street at the end of Albert St I took some photos at knee level of the passing cars. The perspective on the road and the motion of the bus make for quite a cool dramatic scene. The yellow line on the road and at the crossing lend a vibrant color to the scene although I have to admit that was entirely by chance.

Bus (f4.0 1/13 24mm)

Bus (f4.0 1/13 24mm)




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8 04 2009

Lovely framing of the girl by the traffic light.

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