Photo Blog 26

6 04 2009

Today’s photos come from the walk back from work. It certainly makes the daily photo taking easier but it is also a lot harder to find different things when it is the same 15min walk and there really aren’t that many possible variations! Of course my other problem is that architecture is all too interesting so I end up with lots of shots of buildings that, while I do like them, don’t really show much new. And don’t really help me to get better.

I am really looking forward to the composition class at Uni that starts in a week or two though so I can get some tips on how to take better photos, rather than just technically correct photos ;-)

So in an effort to get away from the common theme the first image today was an experiment with depth of field. There was in interesting bit of plumbing on the outside of one of the buildings backing onto Britomart and the brick texture looked cool so I took a few glancing shots. Turns out that the camera was under-exposing quite significantly so while RAW made up for some of that there is still a bit of noise introduced by upping the EV.

Plumbing (f4.0 1/80 105mm)

Plumbing (f4.0 1/80 105mm)

The second image was also experimental and was one I took on the corner of Anzac Ave. While taking the photo I tilted the lens which caused it to deliberately blur. There wasn’t anything I was tracking it was just an attempt to ‘see what would happen’ and one of the vertical ones came out looking reasonably interesting. I also sharpened then reblurred the image which makes the vertical lines more apparent. I think it captures movement quite well and looks like the POV of a person moving quickly…

Movement (f4.0 1/15 24mm)

Movement (f4.0 1/15 24mm)




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